Think differently

Recognise and change the nature of your own thinking.


Become better at generating and exploring possibilities, not just accepting or defending what already exists.


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Create one thought via the My Thought process

Use Random Word for quick idea generation.

Solve 4 challenges to improve your perception skills

Lateral Thinking Course

and My Thoughts

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Expert teaching and facilitation from a trainer.

Use all the Lateral Thinking tools on an unlimited number of topics.

Solve 14 challenges

This service includes


  • A course on Lateral Thinking, with a live trainer, designed to help you generate alternatives.

  • An application "My Thoughts" that structures how you apply Lateral Thinking to topics that you want to think about. It records your thoughts so you can refer to them later and develop them further.

    • Become more aware about where you focus your attention

    • Use the Random Word technique for quick idea generation.

    • Use Provocation and Movement for a radical shift in thinking.

    • Use Alternatives to identify concepts and breed ideas.

    • Use Challenge to go beyond satisfactory ideas.

    • Improve the yield of your thinking with Harvesting and Treatment.

  • Fourteen Lateral Thinking Challenges for you to solve and reflect on how you think.

The course is available from our training providers, all provide corporate training and some also provide public courses. The trainers will provide instruction and facilitation to ensure you learn and apply the techniques effectively. One year of access to My Thoughts and all of the Challenges are included with the course.

You can also take a one week free trial to try My Thoughts on one idea and assess your lateral thinking skill on four challenges.

"An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea."
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