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Lateral Thinking

How it works

This website hosts three services:

  • An interactive course on Lateral Thinking led in person by an authorised de Bono trainer.

  • The "My Thoughts" program that structures how you apply Lateral Thinking to topics of your choice.

  • Some Lateral Thinking Challenges to assess your skill.

A pass key for access can be purchased from our training partners.

If you have the pass key then please press start. You may first be asked to sign up by creating a user name and password. If you don't have a pass key then take a limited free trial of the Challenges.


How it works

How it works

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What you will learn

Lateral Thinking is a structured approach for thinking differently.

Dr. Edward de Bono developed his methods from an understanding of how the mind works as a self-organising pattern recognition system. While this Mechanism of Mind helps us develop routines for dealing with a complex world, it also locks in our views and makes it hard to change perception at will. This course explains how to structure your thinking so that you can create alternatives at will.

These methods are for you if you are:

  • Curious and open to learning how to become a better practical thinker, creating useful outcomes.

  • Looking for a structured approach and are willing to practice.

  • Getting stuck in a thinking loop, revisiting the same ideas or issues and wanting to break out.

  • Someone who needs to produce results and needs better alternatives than currently exist.

  • Motivated to explore and develop alternatives.

  • Open to changing your perspective and considering more than one right answer.

In your personal life or at work, the purpose of this approach is to enable you to:

  • Create new solutions to stubborn problems.

  • Realise opportunities that were previously neglected.

  • Recognise and change the nature of your own thinking, so you become better at generating and exploring possibilities, not just accepting or defending what already exists.

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