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The Flowscapes pocketbook
Flowscapes Abridged Cover.png

Flowscapes are maps of our perception.
They show the flow of our thinking. 

By understanding which connections and loops dominate our thinking we can change our perception and seek alternatives.

This book explains how to apply Flowscapes to change your thinking.

“The mind can see only what it is prepared to see. The analysis of data does not, by itself, produce ideas. The analysis of data can only allow us to select from existing ideas. Hypotheses, speculation, provocation and model building, allow us to see the world differently. The creation of these frameworks of possibility is a perceptual process.”

Dr. Edward de Bono


This is a 100 page pocketbook (approx 11cm x 17cm) which explains Water Logic and the importance of perception in thinking. Plus instructions, examples and templates for applying the flowscape technique. It is a journal and workbook for exploring and changing your perception. It is an abridged version of Dr Edward de Bono's longer work “Water Logic” first published in 1993.

Price USD9.90 or GBP 8.00 (ex postage). Other currencies available.

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